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    Dr H C Kalita
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    Dr M S Chaliha
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Research Project :

Sl no.

Project Title

Sponsoring agency




Management of Acute coronary Events registry pilot study


Dr H.C.Kalita

Dr. R.M.W.Bora


A study of pilot size and its relation with short term outcome in patients with acute coronary syndrome.



Dr H.C.Kalita


A study of cardiovascular risk factor assessment in young adult of urban and rural population of dibrugarh district, Assam


Dr. Pranjal Kumar Dutta.

Dr H.C.Kalita


PolymorphisimofApolipoprotien E and A5 genes in acute myocardial infraction.



Dr H.C.Kalita


Impact of community based dietary salt restriction in the reduction of blood pressure among tea garden workers of Assam.



Dr H.C.Kalita


To evaluate the role of high sensitive C reactive protein and microalbuminuria as prognostic markers of acute myocardial infraction with or without diabates mellitus.



Dr H.C.Kalita


Assessmeny of BMI waist circumference, waist hip ratio visceral fat and body fat percentage in mid and late adolescents in Dibrugarh.



Dr H.C.Kalita


Training and fellowship of faculties.

  • Dr H C Kalita had attended the European Society of Cardilogy Congress held in Muniach, Germany from 29th August 3rd September 2008.
  • CCDC sponsored workshop on "Feasibility Study for Establishing Nationwide Network of Registries on Management of Acute Coronary Event (MACE) held on 7th April, 2010. Attended by Dr H C Kalita, Dr R M W Bora.
  • ICMR Sponsored Reasearch Methodology Workshop (26th/27th August, 2010. Attended by Dr D J Dutta, Dr M S Chaliha, Dr R M W Bora, Dr A J Malakar



  1. Seminar on “Uses of Chlorthalidone in Hypertension.”
                      Speaker – Dr. Krishna Narayan Dutta Baruah
                      Moderator – Dr. D. J. Dutta
  2. Seminar on “Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome.” on 30th June, 2015 Speaker – Dr. Ranjit Kumar Nath, Professor of Cardiology, PGIMER, Dr.RML Hospital, New Delhi
  3. Virtual Cathlab Workshop organized on 8th August, 2015



  1. Cardiac Cathlab was started.
  2. Coronary angiography started on 10th August, 2014. Till date 137 coronary angiograms have been done.
  3. Coronary angioplasty with stenting started on 1st July, 2015.