Publication during last 5 years

  • Dr Shyamanta Barua
  • a)          Nychomicosis by Scytalidium Dimidiatum in Green Tea Leaf Pluckers : Report of two cases - Mychopathologia 2007, 164(4) : 193-5
    b)          Merkel Cell Carcinoma with Renal Metastasis. Abstract Book 21st World congress of Dermatology, Buenes Aires, Argentina 2007:2:690
    c)          Bilateral Nodule-Ulcerative lesions over eyelids. In: Lahiri K ed 100 interesting cases in Dermatology, IJCP, New Delhi, 2009:35-37
    d)          Topical Corticostereid abuse on the face: A prospective, Multicenter Study of Dermatology Outpatients. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2011, 77:160-6
    e)          Barua S, Nagaraju U. Analgesics and Anxiolytics in Dermatosurgery in Textbook on cuaneous and aesthetic Surgery(First edition) Editor –Venkataram M(Ed).ACS(I) New Delhi:JAY PEE Brothers Medical Publishers(P) ltd;2012:203-210

Research Activities

  • A Multicentric Study of Topical Steroid Damaged face in Patients Attending Dermatology Clinic: 2008-2009
  • Parthenium Dermatitis in India: A Multicentric Study, 2011-2012