Research work Done/Undergoing


A.    Dr. Mrs. Helina Rahman.Professor and Head

  1. Pulse oxymetry for screening of Congenital heart disease in asymptomatic term Neonate.
  2. Serum electrolyte profile in acute gastroenteritis with special reference to hyponatraemic dehydration.
  3. Nutritional status and morbidity pattern of children(1—5 year) among Tea garden family in Dibrugarh districts.
  4. Study of CSF adenosine deaminase level in Tubercular meningitis and other CNS infection.

C.    Dr. P. Biswanath. Associate Professor

  1. A Clinical study of Tubercular serositis in children with special reference to A.D.A level.

D.    Dr. P. Dowerah. Associate Professor

  1. A clinical study of nephrotic syndrome with special reference to serum lipid profile.
  2. A clinical study of haemoglobinopathies in children (1---12 yr) with special reference to haemoglobin E. (a hospital based study)

E.    Dr. Reeta Bora.DM (Neonatology). Asstt Prof. (Paediatrics)

  1. Prevalence of anaemia in pregnant women ant its effect on their neonatal outcome.
  2. Mortality of pattern of Newborn in level ii care unit.
  3. Surveillance of infection in Neonates (0-2 days).