Research project (undertaken) & research activities

  • A Study of Blood Groups in Different Races.
  • A Study of Effect of Body Mass Index on Pulmonary Function Tests Among Healthy Young Medical Student – Dr Pranjal Bhuyan
  • A Study of Absolute Eosinophil Count in Reeation to Some Allergic Diseases in Adult – A Hospital Based Study – Dr Ava Dihingia
  • ECG Changes in Diabetic Individuals Without Overt Cardiovascular Disease Compared to Normal Healthy Individuals with Special Reference to QT Interval – Dr A B M Abdual Aziz
  • A Study of Serum Lipid Profile in Relation to Body Mass Index and Waist and Hip Circumpherence in the age group of 20-35 years.
  • A Study of Ventilatory Pulmonary Function Tests Among the Patients With Diabetes Mellitus in the age group of 35-60 years – Dr Masuma Zannatul Hussina.
  • Blood Pressure Profile of School Going Children of Tea Garden Workers in the Age Group6-12 years in and around Tea Gardens of Dibrugarh Town. Dr. Abhijit Dastidar
  • A Study of High Sensitive C – Reactive Protein Among Hypertensive Individual – Dr. Chandrika Gogoi